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Headrest Waist Pillow Seat Back Support

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Product Name: Headrest / Waist Pillow
 Type 1-3:Headrest
  Type 4-6:Waist Pillow
External Material: Polyester
Internal Filling Material: Space Memory Cotton
Style: Headrest / Waist Pillow
Color: Black / Beige / Gray

Headrest Size: 28x27cm (LxW)
Waist Pillow Size: 43x36x14 (LxWxH)
Function: Head Care & Waist Rest
Flame Retardancy: High
Placement On Vehicle: Front/Left/Right
Quantity: 1pcs

Suitable for cars, office chairs or other places that require back and head support.

-The headrest uses advanced headrest cloth which is waterproof, anti-oil, anti-pollution, anti-mite, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, with good toughness, wear resistance, breathable and can be used for four seasons. Cotton core uses slow spring back space memory foam.
-The surface layer is made of breathable memory cotton, soft and comfortable, suitable for 4 seasons.
-The space memory cotton material is used internally, which rebounds slowly in 3-5 seconds. Comfortable.
-The waistrest conforms to the ergonomic curve design and seamlessly fits, which can effectively support the spine and lumbar spine and relieve fatigue caused by long-term driving.
-Zipper opening and closing makes the cover easy to clean.

Package Includes:
1x Headrest / Waist Pillow

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