[US Warehouse] 2 in 1 Rivet Decorated Sponge Linen Fabric Single Sofa Chair + Footstool Set, Chair Size: 36 x 31 x 29 inch(Grey)

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1. Ergonomic design, conforms to the shape of the human body
2. The sofa bag contains sponge for comfortable sitting
3. Single sofa
4. Rivet design, copper nail decoration technology, fine workmanship, beautiful and practical
5. The armrest has a beautiful arc and thick padding, which makes the armrest more comfortable and full
6. Rubber wood has strong plasticity, is not easy to crack, is easy to maintain, and has good wear resistance
7. Equipped with footstool
8. Suitable for various venues such as living room, bedroom, office, etc.
9. Easy to install

Product specifications:
1. Material: linen fabric, MDF + solid wood frame
2. Seat cushion filling material: sponge + doll cotton
3. Sofa leg material: wooden leg
4. The overall size of the sofa: 36x29x31 inches
5. Leg height: 5.5 inches
6. Arm height from the ground: 25 inches
7. Footstool size: 21x26x18 inches
8. Product weight: 55.99 pounds
9. Supportable weight: 330 pounds

Package Weight
One Package Weight 36.94kgs / 81.44lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 37.80kgs / 83.33lb
Carton Size 76cm * 89cm * 119cm / 29.92inch * 35.04inch * 46.85inch
Loading Container 20GP: 33 cartons * 1 pcs = 33 pcs
40HQ: 76 cartons * 1 pcs = 76 pcs

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