Covid-19 prevention policy

covid-19 have swept the nation and we have lost many friends and family members and this I why Fanish Decor is on a mission to keep you safe and well. Here at Fanish Decor we value our customers safety, our main priority is YOU.

We make sure that every product is sanitize before packaged, our members all wear mask and take safety precautions keep 6 feet distance. our ware house is equipped with safety gloves hand sanitizer and face mask , our members are temperature evaluated upon entering.

covid-19 has also had an affect on the way we packaged your items, you may notice your package come double wrapped or tightly wrapped we do that for travel safety and security. covid-19 has also had an affect on how we ship, your items maybe delayed we ask for your patients and understanding as we prepare your items in the safest way possible.

Help stop the spread of Covid -19